Most companies today are running their business using a variety of software programs and the need to tie these systems together is becoming increasingly important. Using the XData API you can integrate these systems with ACT! and run your business more efficiently.

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Take Control

Current business processes that interact with ACT! could be complex, time consuming, and involve lots of unnecessary paperwork and duplicate data entry. The XData API provides you with the tools to redesign that interface into something that better suits your needs.

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If ACT! runs your entire organization the next logical step is to get customers or vendors interacting with your data to improve efficiency. For instance, allowing change of address information directly in ACT! by your customers takes the workload off your organization.

>> Read our case studies for real life examples

What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of programming instructions and standards that developers use to access a software application.

An API is best thought of as a connector for a software system. This connector is designed to make it very easy for 3rd party developers to build their own product / integrated solutions  without having to learn the details of the software and have experience developing for the product. As a result development becomes easier and faster, and the software system becomes significantly more extendable.

Why does ACT! need an API?

ACT! needs an API for these reasons:

Product Extensibility:
With an API, integration with other databases and processes can be more advanced and provide big efficiency gains. An API removes the need for manual intervention and similar outmoded processes such as import/export and synchronization.

Make ACT! more broadly available to the development community:
With an API, developing good quality integrations and custom solutions will be faster and easier because developers don't need extensive knowledge of the ACT! SDK (Software Development Kit). As such you have a wider choice of developers, perhaps even your own web developer.

Many competing CRM products already have an API:
To be competitive with other CRM’s such as SugarCRM and ACT! needs to have more accessible and easier integration. The best way to achieve this is via an API.

What others think about the API

The quality and ease of use of the XData API was at a level that we expect from any good developer. I am happy to add this to our portfolio of tools & look forward to using it again.

- Cam Stewart, Phosphor Essence
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Thanks to the XData API we now have a streamlined solution. The time savings have been huge and our level of customer service has increased dramatically.

- Anthony Tomson, Eco Insulation
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